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If you have seen The Warnocks perform this year, you will have noticed a few changes, and might I dare add, improvements to an already great show. The family is continuing to add numbers to it’s members, but the show itself has trimmed down to the four youngest daughters. Ashlee 23, Anna 22, Rhonda 19, and of course Emilee 17, lead the show, now called, The Warnock Sisters. Not much has really changed, it has just gotten better. The girls have such a beautiful blend of musical style in dance, and certainly song, that the four harmonies take hold of you from the opening number, and keep you there until the show ends. The Warnock Sisters love variety, so you can count on an eclectic selection of music from their favorite genres. A little bit of Country, 60’s Motown, The Jackson 5, some of their own originals, Gospel, and their always popular Andrews Sisters style Veterans Tribute. The harmonies, blended with tight choreography, along with fanstastic costumes, makes for a production unlike any other in Branson.
Another great addition to the show is the return of Dallen Gettling better known as "Lyle", the lippy janitor, who just will not do what he has been hired to do...., WORK! He ends up in some of the strangest places on that stage. Half the time The Warnock Sisters don't know where he will be next. Our audiences have laughed their "Buns", that is cinnamon rolls, off! Dallen Returns for the Christmas Show as well. The first half as Lyle, and second half as the Grinch. You don't want to miss the havoc and fun that he creates this season.

The Warnocks with Andy

The Warnocks with Andy

The Andy Williams All Star Variety Show

Please be sure to get your tickets to see The Warnock Family, yes Mom and Dad too, at The Moon River Theater, for The Andy Williams All Star Variety Show. The Warnocks wiil be one of the featured acts again this year, and we are all excited to have been invited back by Andy for our 5th season in his show. See ya in Branson, MO.

The Girls

The Girls
Warnock Family CD's

Christmas In Branson
Includes: Winter Wonderland
Mary Did You Know
Silent Night
Do You Hear What I Hear
Jingle Bells
and 11 more Christmas songs. $15.00 plus shipping

Live From Branson
Inlcudes: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
I Love You
Soak Up The Sun
My Maria
and 15 more songs. $15.00 plus shipping

The Warnock Family DVD

Live Show In Branson
This DVD features the whole family (yes all seven of us) singing and dancing to the music of our 2009 performance year in Branson, MO. It is uncut, and unedited, so you get the bloopers and all. It also features our comedian, Dallen Gettling doing what he does best, making you, and us, laugh.
The DVD is $20.00 plus shipping.

Send a check or money order to:
The Warnocks
1440 State HWY 248, Q-285
Branson, MO 65616

Tell us which CD's you want to purchase, and the quantity. Add $5.00 to your order to cover shipping.

Sample Order for John Doe.

2 Christmas in Branson $15.oo each x 2 = $30.00
1 Live from Branson $15.00 each x 1 = $15.00
shipping and handling $ 5.00

TOTAL $50.00

email - jamiewarnockjr@gmail.com

The Warnocks Fan Club

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